Elopement in Florence, Tuscany

Hillary and Robert got married in December 2016 in the Florence historical luxury boutique Hotel Torre di Bellosguardo with a lovely intimate elopement. They planned their Florence elopement with the help of  the wonderful Florence Wedding Celebrant Jo Bertolino of TuscanPledges. The simplicity and elegance of it all make everything in their elopement dreamy and … Continue reading Elopement in Florence, Tuscany

Florence wedding photography

Sharing love today | A Florence Couple Session

Florence Wedding Photographer | Amir + Zahra two artists in Florence A common friend introduced Zahra to Amir the first night they arrived in Italy. Both of them are students at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence and they are from the same country. This was the most creative, and beautiful couple I had the … Continue reading Sharing love today | A Florence Couple Session

A lovely walk in Florence

A new way to have fun and embrace the history of Florence is to become immersed in it. So why not wear the renaissance clothes and walk along the streets as it was the renaissance? Why not take an educational and exciting walking tour in wonderful Renaissance clothing organized by Veronica Di Pietrantonio? The first Renaissance tour … Continue reading A lovely walk in Florence