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Fotografo di matrimonio a Firenze. Dallas desi wedding photographer.

Typical plate of Riccia, Molise, a quaint region in Italy

Typical plate of Riccia, Molise, a quaint region in Italy

March 22, 2015

Molise is the second smallest region of Italy and is one of the regions with the highest production of truffles. There are many traditions that are still alive and the cuisine has kept them that way. People from Molise are known for being able to use all the resources of the land. In the kitchen […]

Homemade Peanut butter/ burro di arachidi fatto in casa

Homemade Peanut butter/ burro di arachidi fatto in casa

March 17, 2015

Burro di arachidi fatto in casa/ Homemade Peanut Butter Ingredienti 2 Cup of Peanuts/ 270 gr di arachidi tostati e sgusciati 1/2 Tbs of Agave/ 7,5 ml di Agave or 1 tsp of fine cane sugar (You can use a coffee grinder or something similar for this.)/ oppure 6 gr di zucchero di canna extrafino (si […]

Editor’s Choice Award

Editor’s Choice Award

March 6, 2015

We love sharing our work around the world in beautiful magazines. Thanks to Two Bright Lights for recognizing us with an Editor’s Choice Award. “The Editors’ Choice Awards honor Two Bright Lights’ members whose talent was continually recognized by top print magazines and blogs. The 2015 Two Bright Lights Editors’ Choice Awards is a signature program […]

Whole Grain Vegan Cookies with Royal Icing

Whole Grain Vegan Cookies with Royal Icing

February 14, 2015

Biscotti vegani integrali con glassa reale … la ricetta è anche in italiano ;) I have been searching for something different to cook for Valentine’s Day with Whole Grains and without dairy. Being intolerant is not easy, especially if you are a sugar addict like me! Dietary restrictions can be challenging when it comes to […]



February 9, 2015

I traveled with my husband John to Naples and we stayed for 2 days. As every other tourist in Naples, we spent the first day in search of the most famous pizza and pastry makers.  We did not know that the restaurants do not even open until 7:30pm (service begins at 8:30), so we made […]

Winter Bridal Session

Winter Bridal Session

December 21, 2014

I love Christmas colors, cookies and pastries. I just discovered some new, delicious German Spice Cookies: “Pfeffernüsse”. The Pfeffernüsse, translated “paper nuts” because of their size, are popular tiny spice December cookies. I have always wished to be able to capture a Winter Bridal Session with a Christmas atmosphere , and finally I was so lucky to […]

Fotografo di matrimonio a Firenze, disponibile a viaggiare in tutta Italia e nel mondo per documentare l’amore e il romanticismo. Clicca sul bottone “Italiano” per saperne di più.

We are Florence wedding photographers and Dallas wedding photographers, but we travel within the US and globally for wedding photography. Our style is fusion of modern and classic with special attention to fine details and emotions. Inspired by the beautiful colors and religious traditions, we are also specialized and adore shooting Desi weddings.  We know how much time and preparation goes into weddings, so we strive to be as flexible as possible. We want, more than anything, to create a photography experience that reflects the unique vision of all our clients.



Fotografo di matrimonio a Firenze

Born and raised in Italy where I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with a master’s degree in Visual Arts. My mother, an art teacher, raised ​​me with brushes, canvas, colors and much more. This was one of my great fortunes! I have participated in more than 40 Fine Art exhibitions, and our weddings have been published in various wedding magazines and blogs. I continue to grow professionally day by day with my husband at my side as Dallas and Florence wedding photographer.

The most humble and patient people we’ve ever worked with and enjoyed their company so much! Sonya and John were very receptive to the type of wedding photos we desired and were extremely flexible during our 3-day ceremony.” Sami Rafi 

“Sonya creates unique shots, knows how to capture every little expression with passion.” Valentina B.Berionni

“Sonya and John were awesome to work with. They were super flexible and friendly! I’m so happy with my wedding photos!” Susu Idris

I got my first manual 35 mm camera when I was 15. It was for my first photography class in which I learned the basics of photography and dark room developing. When I met my wife in Italy, my passion for photography really blossomed. Today, my goal as a Dallas and Florence wedding photographer is to not only provide you with amazing images, but to help you organize your day as you always dreamed it to be. More than anything, I want you to enjoy your most important day and allow us to make that day live on forever.


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